Friday, March 02, 2007

In other news

I've recently started co-blogging over at Big Queer Blog. I'll probably be cross-posting those posts over here, so you shouldn't notice any change. But do wander over and check 'em out; they've got lots of other fine writers well worth reading.

I will also be hosting the April 18 edition of Carnival of the Feminists. As you can see, it's a ways off yet, and there are a few others in between; check the link for host sites. I'll repost more announcements when it gets closer to the deadline.


Elizabeth McClung said...

Congrats on both you co-blogging responsibilities and hosting the Carnival of the Feminists - getting involved is cool.

Zan said...

Do you have a topic for the carnival or is it just whatever our fevered brains come up with?:)

belledame222 said...

thanks, elizabeth.

zan: I do have some ideas in mind; but I'm not ready to post 'em yet. (it also is always "whatever your fevered brains come up with;" topics are just suggestions, i think, or they will be for me anyway)

briefly though, i am thinking that for one, i'd like to suggest mothers and daughters, and/or sisters (however you want to define it), and women-women relationships in general, including, but not limited to, the erotic.

Winter said...

Great! I really like Big Queer blog.

I also think women's relationships would be a good carnival topic.

Zan said...

Oh, I could totally write a post about mother/daughter relationships. You have no idea ;)