Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Finally, a Feminism 101 blog

no, really, that's what it's called. Check it out.

Meanwhile, 33rd Carnival of Feminists is up at Empowerment4Women.

Some other good carnivals to check out, I've been meaning to say:

The Carnival of Bent Attractions. This month's edition at Viviane's Sex Carnival (NSFW)

Carnival Against Sexual Violence, this edition at Abyss2hope

The Erase Racism Carnival, next edition to be held at Racialicious.

The International Carnival of Pozitivities, latest edition up at Creampuff Revolution.

The Disability Blog Carnival, latest edition up at HIV/AIDS, Deafness & Disabilities

Finally, the brand spankin' new Carnival for Creative Writing recently posted its first edition in three parts.

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