Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Oh, enough of this crap. Let's have a song.

Well, all right. A few, even.


StealthBadger said...

Verra nice collection. ^.^

brownfemipower said...

blondie was so hot--she was one of my first crushes.

brownfemipower said...

which i realize now, that made it sound like she's no longer hot--she is, totally, but I was thinking about her when I very first saw her--it was the heart of glass video and she had those red shiny lips and that flimsy dress thing--i can remember it like it was yesterday.

belledame222 said...

Oh, totally.

And yes, she's hot now too. Just a different flavor of hot.

i think Moyet's sexy as hell, too; so is the young Mavis Staples, the -energy...-

Alex said...

...for some reason, the sound isn't working for me. o_O And I checked with WinAmp, it's not my speakers... they're on and functioning.

Ze blogger gremlins ate ze songs!

ArrogantWorm said...

Who are the artists and what are the titles of said songs, if I me be so bold as to inquire?

antiprincess said...

"Heart of Glass" was the first song I heard on my very own radio.

Anthony Kennerson said...

One note of correction, BfP...."Blondie" was the name of the GROUP; Deborah Harry was their lead singer and front.

And yes, she's still as hot now as she was then....in a different sor of way.


prosphoros said...

Mmmmmmm, Moyet.... some crushes bordering on obsession definitely stand the test of time.

Anonymous said...



:) That's the best lunch break I've had in eons. And, FWIW, the "old" Mavis Staples still has the mojo flowing.

-Q Grrl

belledame222 said...

AW: from top to bottom:

1) Blondie, "Hangin' On the Telephone"

2) Blondie, "Maria"

3) Alison Moyet, "More"

4) Alison Moyet, "Love Resurrection"

5) Nina Simone, "Feelin' Good"

6) Mavis Staples, "When Will We Be Paid"

7) Mavis Staples, "Are You Sure"

8) Mavis Staples, "Have a Little Faith"

belledame222 said...

alex: that sucks. try clicking on the YouTube icon, it'll take you directly to the site.

belledame222 said...

and yeah, what bfp said except wrt Mavis Staples, too.

Thin Black Duke said...

Ah yes, Blondie and Deborah Harry were original Punks. To this day I listen to "X Offender" and get goosebumps. It's one of the most amazing moments in Rock (and Punk Rock as a subgenre) history ever.