Friday, March 02, 2007

Give me chocolate, or else I die

just saying.


Ravenmn said...

Sending virtual dark chocolate your way!

petitpoussin said...

Once again, reading my mind.

I second raven's vote for dark chocolate.... mmmm Green&Black, or, has anyone tried Dagoba's lavender dark chocolate?


Cassandra Says said...

Pralines or truffles, sweetie?
If we're going domestic I highly recommend Lake Champlain. Pretty much everything they make is amazing...even the plain old milk chocolate bar is orgasmic.

Alex said...

I'd share my Tootsie Roll with you...

Okay, so it's not high class, but it's what I got ;) Or hot chocolate, I have that too.

antiprincess said...

chocolate chips by the handful.

Rootietoot said...

Because I am a Southern White Privileged Married Person, I am kept in chocolate by someone who likes to have sex with me regularly. Dove Dark to be precise.

belledame222 said...

oh yeah, i've tried that Dagoba bar. i think. some other brand, too, that had "Rose and Raspberry." that was goooood.

Dove I've never cared for much; the texture always feels kind of soapy to me. i approve of your choice of Dark, though. all round.

chocolate chips by the handful work, too.

i haven't had a Tootsie Roll in forever.

what i keep going back to: Mallomars.

CS: truffles pleeeez.