Saturday, March 31, 2007


Feminists Don't Bake Bread has a roundup of especially charming comments levelled at various feminist blogs, the gist of which being that "men are animals" and can't be expected to control themselves, therefore rape is womens' fault.

the title of the post, "The Radical Idea That Men Are Not Monsters," particularly astute.

Because, she goes on to talk about the pervasive idea that feminists hate men; and the thing is: men like this actually hate men pretty well all by themselves. Yeah, I said -men-, not just women. "Men are animals." Seriously, why is that idea so appealing? Because the only possible alternative is considered even worse? How fucked up is that?


nexy said...

the first line of the first comment "Im not a rapist but its women like you I want to throw down, rape, and beat half to death." seems to be a contradiction. don't rapists want to throw women down, rape, and beat them half to death by definition? of course, i'm not a feminist, but merely a student, so i could be wrong.

Eli said...

This is nuts. And I have a suspicion that if someone looked into it, they might discover that most rape victims were wearing "normal" clothes with their vaginas not hanging out at all.

These freaks simply hate women, yet are simultaneously desperate to fuck them. If all women wore burqas, they'd just find another excuse to say women are all "asking for it".

UneFemmePlusCourageuse said...

I hate the idea that certain things are too disturbing for me to read, but I think I finally found something that was. I got about midway through the first comment and had to stop, I was THAT disgusted. Oy.

Infra said...

Dear Mr. Anonymous,

We regret to inform you that your operating system has shipped with a defective spellcheck component. Although our exclusive neuro-engagement interface is performing properly, it has been transparently correcting your comments to reference "men" instead of the intended group, "sociopaths." As we are aware that the two groups are distinct, and that you take pride in identifying yourself as the latter, we will be making an upgrade available to you without cost.

Please visit your local psychological treatment center at your earliest convenience for installation and technical support. Due to the potential disruptive influence that your current software version may have on local networks, we recommend that you proceed with the upgrade as soon as possible.

Joor A. Fuchwhitt

Custodian of Defective Psychologies,