Friday, March 30, 2007

Good idea. Timely, too.

Via Blue Gal: an upcoming blogswarm, Blog Against Theocracy.

There are no real guidelines to this. The idea is to post at least once from Friday to Sunday Easter Weekend, April 6-8.

The post will be against theocracy, in favor of our Constitutional guarantee of separation of church and state. But there are a LOT of issues tied to this, as is pointed out in the First Freedom First website:

No religious discrimination.
PRO End-of-Life Care (no more Terri Schiavo travesties)
Reproductive health decisions made by individuals, not religious "majorities"
Democracy not Theocracy
Academic Integrity (like, a rock is as old as it is, not as old as the Bible says)
Sound Science (good bye so-called "intelligent" design)
Respect for ALL families (based on love, not sexual orientation. Hellooooo.)
And finally,
The right to worship, OR NOT.

So take your pick and write your post(s). Really, the wider variety of topics makes it all the more interesting.

When you've posted, email the url of your post to bluegalsblog AT gmail DOT com. I'll be posting links as quickly as I can that weekend.


Alon Levy said...

Well, I'm going to have to be five days early; I'm hosting the Carnival of the Godless on April 1st, but apart from that I'm an ex-blogger.

Rosie said...

Thanks for this. I'll give it some thought. I do love a good blogswarm on a topic I feel strongly about.