Saturday, August 05, 2006


So last night I was dreaming of being in some hotel room or something; and something that looked very like a mouse skittered across the floor and under my suitcase. closer inspection revealed it to be in fact a very large insect like a cricket.

Why am i mentioning this? This morning, doorbell rings; for the first time in must be over a year, the exterminator's come for a "routine" visit. he mentions in passing that people in the building have been complaining about...mice.


I had mice two years ago. It was Major Twauma. and normally, i'm all -for- prescient dreams, but in this case...let's not, mkay?


gandhi rules said...

pray for crickets..

dwayne m said...

Last winter we had a mouse problem.

It got so bad I was finding droppings on the keyboard of my server.

Which is not, needless to say, on the floor.

Semtex was too extreme, poison too inconclusive, and as for the glue and spring traps...the results, like that Imperial officer's lack of faith, were, disturbing.

The solution was as simple and ruthless as the bouncers at that Brazilian night club I use to frequent.

It was, the

Electronic Mouse Trap

Mice enter to get a taste of the peanut butter you bait the device with and, while scampering for protein, receive a decisively life un-affirming shock.

14 mice in total lost their lives in the vain effort to live rent-free in our space.

That suppressed their advance and kept wee poop off kitchen counters and computer equipment.

I highly recommend it if the pest control sweep doesn't work.

kactus said...

Cats. If at all possible: cats.

'nuff said.

belledame222 said...

ahahahaha. i -have- a cat.

sometime during the second or third day of Mouse Terror, after I'd been routed from the bath by a skittering rodent, I stormed into the bedroom, picked him up from the closet floor where he'd been napping, and plonked him down near where I'd last seen the fucker. I told him,

"You! Cat! There! Mouse! GO GET MOUSIE!"

He went all splay-footed, looked bewildered for a moment, and then fell to scratching the couch.

later he did catch a few of the little fuckers; then he'd stroll into the middle of the living room, dazed prize clutched delicately between his teeth, and fling it into the air. it'd fall down, get its mousie bearings, and then skitter off to an even trickier hiding place.

i don't know what i'm paying him for, really


Sending good vibes your way!!! I hope that you don't have mice. I had one in my apartment and it was such a HORRIBLE experience. :( The buggers are completely harmless, but they still disgust me.

cicely said...

My ex partner and still housemate and I do currently have both a cat and a mouse. Cat, Alice, is aware of mouse's existence, but has so far failed to perform. We have made the mistake of naming the mouse Harold. We just bang around and ask him to go back to from whence he came whenever he shows his cute little face. He's made seasonal visits over the past two years, bringing his (her then?) small family with him/her. We've trapped Harold in the rubbish bin and taken bin and all down to the river (half a kilometre away) to let him go - twice now. We haven't liked any of the killing options we'd heard of to date, but that quick electric shock sounds the 'kindest', and this can't go on - so I'll definitely check it out - thanks dwayne m.

v said...

we have mice, have had for months. since just before christmas. we've caught loads, in our kitchen. i know they come into the living room because i found mouse poo under the sofa. w have a few traps, and regularly empty them :(, but we havent tried poisoning them because i feel a bit mean about it.

do you have a mouse-phobia then?

belledame222 said...

I don't care about the -idea- of them so much. It's when they skitter right up behind me as I'm eating or in the bathtub, or make little grey blurs across the floor as I'm falling asleep, or present as little nasty corpses when I go to clean behind the sofa...

alphabitch said...

re prescient dreams, sometimes I dream about running and how good running feels and I'm running and running and sometimes my dearly departed love-dog (pictured) is running beside me, and I wake up with a nasty case of athlete's foot. I think that this is all the dream means: I've got athlete's foot & haven't noticed yet

belledame222 said...

okay, see in this case i'd really much rather believe that the vermin are symbolic...