Tuesday, August 15, 2006

"It's only because I Care So Much."

...specifically, right now, about Class Woman, or Sisterhood, or whatever the fuck it's supposed to be. Yeah. Okay.

It is fascinating to me just how much nastiness toward actual women goes on under the name of Loving Wimmin.

And when I say "nastiness," I don't mean "flaming;" I mean, "disingenuousness, attempted discrediting, dismissing as irrelevant, smearing, attempts to make go 'poof' off the face of the planet." Including use of race and class and sexual orientation and other forms of "respectability" privilege as weapons. And all or often done with a sweet smile plastered on the face; or a single tear of sympathy and solidarity sliding down the cheek; or a bellow of wounded righteousness. On behalf of Women, that is. Just, apparently not, you know, -this particular- actual woman standing in front of you.

Oh, and when I say "fascinating?" I mean, "disgusting."

Just so we're clear.

You know, I may be a manly fraudulent treacherous patriarchy-enabler; but at least I never claimed I Put Women First.

Silly me, I thought the point was that women were people.


Blackamazon said...

I love you . I just love you

Renegade Evolution said...

to slightly misquote Orwell...

"some women are more women than others"...

KH said...

Well, you you, Nurse Ratched really was all about concern for her poor wayward wards. Sometimes it just takes a little bit of tough love to make them know you know best.