Friday, August 04, 2006

Is that a banana in your tithing box, or are you just...

The very lovely Ray Something and his partner Kirk Cameron (no not that kind of partner you heathen perverts) explain to the atheists how there's Providence in the shape of a banana.

There is no, repeat, NO double-entendre here, so get your filthy degenerate minds out of the gutter right now.

I mean it. Stop laughing.

Just because a man utters lines like

The banana and the hand are perfectly made for each other

(it's because of the ridges, you see)


When you pull the tab, the contents don't squirt in your face


Here Kirk, hold this


Notice how gracefully it sits in the hand. Notice it has a point at the top for ease of entry, it's just the right shape for the human mouth. It's even curved toward the human face to make the whole thing so much easier...

does NOT give you license to start making all kinds of unseemly and uncouth comments and gestures.

next thing you know you'll be trying to suggest that ol' Ray is actually inadvertently arguing that Intelligent Design allows for sodomy.


it's just a banana, people. sometimes a banana is just a cigar, and/or proof that there is, in fact, a God. Move along; nothing to see here.


Sly Civilian said...

"it's just a banana, people. sometimes a banana is just a cigar, and/or proof that there is, in fact, a God"

No matter how many times i see that vid, i still laugh my ass off.

Dan L-K said...

Dammit, now I want to give someone a blowjob.

It was you, Kirk Cameron, what filled me with unnatural lusts! YOOOOOUUU!

ToastedSuzy said...

I'm afraid I will never see anything as funny as that. I'm ruined. I'll never laugh again.

I hope he does kiwi fruits next. And then--fresh, sweet, juicy peaches!

I'm turning myself on.

I need to be alone. I need to go...pray...

alphabitch said...

Hey Suzy, I have a mango in my, ahem, lunchbox. Join me for a snack later? After your prayers, of course.

Dan, I've got a nice big ripe banana in there too if you want to join us.

Dan L-K said...

Well, they say a banana a day is good for yer.

hedonistic said...

I'm forwarding this one to EVERYONE when I get home! Hilarious!

Txfeminist said...

that is SOOO funny!!!!!

Popess Lilith said...

All the more ironic, given that all the characteristics of bananas being claimed as proof of God's existence were created by careful cross-breeding of wild banana strains, which usually are much smaller and have tougher skins. In other words, the modern banana is proof of Humanity's existence.

And let's not get into the foods that ARE messy to deal with. Obviously there's no God THERE.

belledame222 said...

Satan did that, duh.

What I really love is how not only is it proof of an Intelligent Designer, it's proof of an Intelligent Designer -who really cares about us.-

Note that these are the same people who go on constantly about how all around us we see evidence of God's continuing grudge against Adam and Eve; ever since expulsion from Eden, we live in a "fallen creation."

clearly, it slipped on a banana peel.

fastlad said...

and how about that fuck off lumberjack background? how utterly self-conciously alpha that was. oh i'm sure they gave it no thought. cough.

and i'm afraid i stopped listening the moment he fitted it into his palm (but i sure didn't stop looking).

bananas in eden sounds like the punk band i always wanted to join.

but that shit was bananas.