Sunday, August 13, 2006

Wordie McWord Word

From Bitch | Lab, comments section (worth reading the original post and the whole string if you have the time)

...But y’all get my point. The notion that women go into sex work because it’s the last option they have — at least in the US — is such total bullshit from my perspective.

And, frankly, I really do think it offends people to learn that someone could have moved in with their parents, or borrowed money, or taken work as a temp, or bartered their labor — but instead choose to make a buck doling out blow jobs or some such. Because, from where I sit, the preferred choice would have been sex work. Someone asked me once: what stopped me?

The danger of arrest, duh!

and what really chaps my ass is that it is so much easier to freak out about sex work than it is to say, “Well, goshes, it really sucks about the economic circumstances women sometimes face. Why don’t we do something about that.”

You want to get rid of sex work and you think it’s because people can’t find other employemnt?

then why the FUCK isn’t anyone talking about strategies that might include rebuilding the social welfare system? Why the fuck isn’t anyone talking about creating employment services *just* for women who need help finding halfway decent work and do it, not so they can fuck these people over, but to help them figure out to negotiate the job market.

Or just giving a fuck about an economy that CANNOT employ everyone — by definition.

But on and on and on and fucking on til my ass is so chapped I need a super size tube of Boudreaux’s Buttpaste, people will ramble about the horror that is sex work.

It just boggles my mind somedays.

There are real fucking things people can do to immediate aid the lives of the women people are so concerned with — and nothing. Not one whisper is every made in terms of practical fucking solutions.

is it a total lack of imagination or what?


SUEB0B said...

It is interesting, if you step back and take an amoral look at work is a skilled profession. People are willing to pay for skilled practitioners. People are willing to pay for services they can't get elsewhere.

So how is sex work really different than hairstyling or massage or any other body-based service?

Sage said...

I agree that prostitution is a symptom of a much larger issue. If we want to get rid of prostitutes, we need to, for one, establish safe houses for teens to run to when things aren't working out so well at home.

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