Saturday, August 19, 2006

"The Ant Bully:" Sinister tool of the UN New Age Nazi Communist cabal

The things you learn.

Keep in mind, the goal is a New World Order with some sobering similarities to Aldous Huxley's Brave New World. As flocks of cattle must be fed and nurtured to produce maximum milk or beef, so human resources must be fed and superficially gratified in order to meet the goals of maximum productivity and control. Reaching that goal would require these mind-changing tactics:

● Create emotional experiences -- real or imagined. Entertainment that stirs strong feelings and clashes with Biblical truth help create cognitive dissonance -- a form of moral confusion that undermines home-taught beliefs and values. It fuels social change, not with factual information, but with tempting suggestions and promising illusions.

Lucas' adventures in the world of ants begins with a terrifying journey down through the curving corridors of the ant habitat. Finally, he reaches a cavernous hall, where he must stand trial before the revered Queen of the Colony. Speaking in the kind voice of Meryl Streep, the Queen decrees a respite from execution. She wants to see if a human can be trained to think like an ant. If Lucas would convert to their values and conform to colony standards, he would live. If not, the ants would feast on his soft flesh.

In line with today's global management systems, Lucas is assigned a personal mentor: Zoc's girlfriend Hora (voice of Julia Roberts). She would train the tiny boy in group thinking and make him a worthy team player.

● Mock traditional authorities. Early in the movie, Lucas' parents head for a short vacation in Hawaii, leaving their troubled son and arrogant daughter with Mommo, their wacky grandmother. Her old-fashioned ways, false teeth, and strange fantasies make her an object of ridicule, not respect. The subtle message: Don't go to her for counsel. She's stuck in yesterday!

● Normalize crude jokes and bathroom humor. These desensitize the masses to Biblical morality and the old sense of decency. Even secular reviewers were offended: "'The Ant Bully' is rated PG for scenes of animated violence... crude humor about bodily functions, drug content,"[7] wrote Jeff Vice.

● Introduce an exciting spiritual alternative to Christianity. In preparing his magical potion, the ant wizard Zoc -- like his human counterparts -- calls on the elements of contemporary witchcraft: earth, wind, water and fire. Not only did his belief system involve spells and dark magic, he also acknowledged a mystical Mother, an enticing feminist counterfeit of our Lord.

Zoc isn't the only one who believes in a mystical goddess. At the first sign of collective danger, another communal leader shouted a quick prayer, "Mother help us!" She "will return one day," he explained.

Like Hogwarts wizards, Eastern gurus and Jedi warriors, Lukas must learn to focus his mind and alter his consciousness in order to develop skills such as climbing vertical walls and carrying huge loads. But -- as the movie suggests -- nothing is impossible for those who have learned the New Age skills of mental concentration, creative visualization and mental telepathy...


Cocacy said...

Great blog. I look forward to reading more of your stuff.. :)

KH said...

‘ … flocks of cattle …’

It's not flocks, but what is it? Rookeries? Shrewdnesses? Rafts? Sloughts? Flanges? Sieges? Rages? It's herds. Or: bows, bunches, drafts, drifts, droves, flotes, head.

And are these ants wearing painful high heel shoes?

Alon Levy said...

FSM, that person is paranoid. Either that or he's deliberately trying to make the Religious Right look insane.

mandos said...

Surely you've seen CAPAlert and its ilk!

emily said...

My favourite bit is the end, where there's a link to *resisting* brainwashing. Beautiful..

La Gringa said...

Holy crap. Laughing my ass off at this one!

ARConn said...

This would be funny, it weren't so ironically sad.

Hattie said...

I read as far as the "shimmering canon balls" and had to stop for a good laugh. Maybe I'll read the whole piece later.
That's the problem with the canon. It needs to shimmer more.