Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Keyword search update

Today's selection:

lion attitude stance eye violence characteristics or behavior alpha male

gay boy depantsed and made to masturbate

fetch me my axe

fetch me my axe blog

wacky wordie school papers

men rejection street harassment

making a cardboard axe

my ex is mad with me does this means she really loves me

feminist not funny


emily said...

Depantsed is a word? I have to use that one.

Andy said...

Depantsed sounds like an excellent word to me. I also enjoy frummage, lemonification and batoosh.

Among more mainstream words I enjoy the sound of if not the meaning in most instances: mastectomy, sericulture and extrusion. :-) x

ToastedSuzy said...

I still can't figure out how I'm gonna make this axe.

Aluminum foil, maybe?

Andy said...

Silver spray paint and cardboard. Works for kids in school plays! x

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