Tuesday, August 15, 2006

In fact, I am feeling SO BUTCH that

...I totally agree with this article about so-called "John Wayne Fever."

Communication is for people too stupid or inefficient to say everything on their mind with a single raised eyebrow or cock of the head. And really, what else is there to say except I’m horny, I’m pissed, or I’m tired? Everything else is foo-foo whipped cream topping on the ribeye of life. And ribeye tastes like shit with whipped cream.

Thank god for surround sound and beer. Whenever anyone starts blabbing on and on about wanting a trial separation for blabbity-blah or wanting you to do some kind of yada-yada chore crap, you can always turn up the game volume.

...Being infected with the John Wayne Syndrome is like being infected with mana from heaven. You see through all the bullshit and live life like it was s’posed to be lived:
-listening to nobody and nothing, not even your body
-saying even less than that
-being the boss of everything around you, especially your body
-rejecting any and all sissification like four-eyes in white coats poking at you for money

So down with the dude and my main man Marion. Erm, John. Wayne, that is.


Veronica said...

Yeah, nothing says Testosterone Pride, like dying from government-inflicted cancer.


Interesting!!! I'm a huge fan of communication, but I totally agree that the grey space of the nonverbal touches, glaces, and raised eyebrows can be a lot of fun. :)

Renegade Evolution said...

Eye brow raising in lue of verbal communication is such an art form

fastlad said...

I grew up in a house full of stoic non-verbal men. Oh the memorable conversations they had and - oh wait a minute - actually they barely spoke, preferring to communicate their meanings through a complex series of nods, gestures, grunts and windy sighs.

It wasn't that they were inarticulate (they weren't) I think they had simply decided there was no real point in trying to ask for anything from anyone.

They had also decided there was no use debating anyone either - just take what you want and fuck everyone else. John Wayne would probably have loved them, but I thought they were moody selfish cunts.

EL said...

Does nothing of this hint at passive-aggression?

Elizabeth McClung said...

I would support John Wayne Fever if John Wayne actually did anything in less amount of time than anyone else, only tragically, like most men, it takes longer. This is becuase, while long conversations, or acknowledging feelings are out, long moments of posturing and all out "you just wouldn't get it" sneering is going on - all the while, a good dyke is already halfway done fixing the kitchen sink. Some telling me how macho and untouchable you are and freaking do something instead!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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