Tuesday, August 15, 2006

In which the author both shamelessly calls attention to herself and attempts to turn some peoples' frowns upside down

A mention of some dude's attempt to prove the existence of God through math reminded me of this piece, in which I narrate the tale of being in the World's Best Theatrical Production, Ever; because it included--yes! the proof of God's existence through a math problem. Also missed light cues, phones ringing off hooks, disembowelled little girls and exploding tits.

Hey, I'm probably about at the point where I can start showing reruns, right?

"Nobody Knows I'm a Thespian."

I live to self-promote. And serve.


midwesterntransport said...


Love it.

antiprincess said...

I just love the crap out of you. And Ed Wood. And Christopher Guest. And thespian nuns.