Tuesday, August 08, 2006

And now for something REALLY MAJORLY IMPORTANT

seriously, dudes and dudettes:

My big toenail just peeled all the way off.





mandos said...

The. Whole. Thing???

Go to a hospital or something, if so.

midwesterntransport said...


(takes deep breath)


put some bacitracin on it! make sure it doesn't get infected!

piny said...

Well, that's the end of cream-and-slivered-almond-filled croissants for me.

Bacitracin is good. Did you bash it, or do you think it's the result of fungus or infection?

belledame222 said...


i know you are all thanking me heartily for the imagery.

i think fungus.

actually i think that there's still a very thin layer of...something left; otherwise it'd hurt a fuck of a lot more.

piny said...

actually i think that there's still a very thin layer of...something left; otherwise it'd hurt a fuck of a lot more.

That's probably your new toenail, nu? My dad's never had fungus, but his left big one has been smashed so many times that the nail routinely peels off. It grows back, but it takes a really long time. And the fungus takes a long time to treat, so hie thee to a doctor and invest in some open-toed shoes tout sweet.

Renegade Evolution said...

OW! bactine, band aid...


belledame222 said...

open-toed shoes I got.

doctor...eh. eventually. i got other health needs that should probably come first.


or, well, maybe the derm can offer something when I go; that would be two pigeons with one stone.

piny said...

open-toed shoes I got.

Speaking as someone who had severe athlete's foot for a year, sandals and anything that uncovers your toes are the single greatest factor in killing fungus dead.

(And don't listen to anyone who tells you to soak your toes in bleach and water. It's a stupid fucking idea.)

or, well, maybe the derm can offer something when I go; that would be two pigeons with one stone.

Almost certainly; I saw a dermatologist for the athlete's foot.

antiprincess said...

urban DOVE!

yeah - better hobble into the hobble-in clinic.

that happened to me once in my running days. it wasn't nearly as horrendous as you'd think.

belledame222 said...

yeah, it's actually not so bad. it's more the EWWWW idea of it.

what -really- hurt was one time when I was still with the patriarchal beauty accoutrements much more (:eyeroll:) and wore fake nails. I was in a dance class and, on a fast turn, smacked one finger backward against...something or someone, bending the fake nail back and off...and taking the real one with it.

let me tell you, THAT hurt.

Anonymous said...


Jennifer said...

I second Piny's warning against soaking it. Water under a compromised nail is a TERRIBLY BAD IDEA and resulted in surgical removal of both of my big toenails. It was scary at the time but turned great.

No more ingrown toenails, ever = PRICELESS!!

Amber said...

When my dad was in Vietnam, he cut his big toe damn near in half on a nail - including ripping the toenail completely off. Every day and night, he slathered it with Johnson and Johnson First Aid Cream. A couple weeks later, the toe was good as new.

he tells this story all the time. This is why we never had any other first-aid cream in the house. All Johnson and Johnson all the time! (Hey, it always worked for me; although, I never ripped my toe off...)

alphabitch said...

god I hate it when it does that.... eeeuwww is right.

Spill The Beans said...

Yow, that happened to me a while ago. I dropped a 5 lb. weightlifting bar, and it fell vertically right onto my toe. The toenail turned black and eventually fell off entirely.

Of course, I'm a girly girl, so when it fell off, I went to the pedicurist and got a fake one. it lasted for months and months, while the toenail was re-creating itself.

Of course, for like a year, i couldn't have a french pedicure, but i like red toenail polish better, anyway.

Also, if there is a good nail salon in your area, they probably sell some damn good shit to help with that fungus thing. They're good about that, and they know what works.

belledame222 said...

oh, wow. I had no idea they do fake toenails; but sure, makes sense. that's a good idea to check for fungus-related-stuff in the salon, I hadn't thought of that.

I had fake nails pretty constantly in high school. Mom and I both stopped getting them after the lovely young woman who regularly did the nails got lung cancer and died. She didn't smoke. The method they used, whatever it was, grinding, the powder, the fumes, you know, had the women wearing those surgical masks. She was a recent immigrant and worked long hard hours. We drew our own conclusions or at least hypothesis. (backed up by some studies read somewhere I think. or Dad's opinion as a chemist. it was a while ago and it makes me sad to think of it. she was kind and very smart and was going back to school for computers and had a family. and very young).

They were fun to wear, though. I used to get them in alternating black and white, say, or emerald green ("divine decadence, darling") or sky blue with fluffy little cloud decals. At the time and place it seemed daring; it was my small rebellion.

Spill The Beans said...

Now, that makes me sad.

I love my nails. And, without the acrylics, I bite them down to bloody stumps, so acrylics are really the only way I CAN have nails. I'd wondered what the effects of breathing that all day were.