Sunday, August 06, 2006

Patriarchy-related question number two-o:

and this time when i say "patriarchy" i mean "patriarchy."

and when i say fuckwit i mean Dawn Eden.

I can't bring myself to a thoroughgoing analysis of the woman's fuckwittery, and anyway the fine folks at Pandagon and Punkass Blog, among others, have been on it, so I don't have to. just someone tell me:

who told this woman that naming herself after a dish detergent was a good idea?


Renegade Evolution said...

oh, she is downright sickening...

Amber said...

Argh! Her writing makes me want to punch somebody.

Amber said...

LOL... the word on the cover of the book in her little icon is "witness," but on first glance I thought it said "whiteness." Ha!

belledame222 said...

I'm developing a morbid fascination of late with the conservative "Judeo-Christians;" the converts in either direction, and particularly this one, as well as the neo/theocons who mostly bond over the need to keep the wimmin, children and riffraff in line as well as Israel, albeit the latter for entirely different reasons.

i just love being told by some whackadoodle that, unlike those awful awful Moslems and other untouchables/demons, I am one of God's -special- children, even though I'm apparently still going to hell if I don't accept our Lord 'n' Savior.

i mean, i would be even if i weren't already a godless pagan homo pervert.

I am finding Ms. Eden's particular convert o'choice, Catholicism, rather delicious, considering that plenty of her political allies view Catholics as as bad as Jews, if not actually worse. even if it is less politic to say so these days, what with the Passion and the bonding over abortion and gay rights and all.

i have this urge to drop a bunch of Jack Chick tracts on her doorstep. the Pope is Satan's minion on earth! the Catholics are responsible for the Holocaust! you're *really* screwed now! run, Dawnie, run!